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The UMRRDC 911 Dispatchers are the link between citizens and all Police / Fire / EMS emergency and non-emergency services. Call-takers are trained to handle an enormous variety of call content. 911 Dispatchers also assist the first responders in the field by requesting wreckers to scenes for accidents, stranded motorists, and arrests, sending emergency bulletins to all of the officers in the field, as well as neighboring agencies, assisting officers with cell phone traces, or sorting through records to assist in locating a caller who might not be able to provide a location.

Emergency Communications Operations

The UMRRDC is always open. We are staffed 24/7, 365 days a year. It takes an entire team of well-trained and dedicated individuals to run such an operation. The UMRRDC consists of four separate shifts (6AM to 6PM and 6PM to 6AM) maintaining a roster of multiple 911 Dispatchers and at least 1 Shift Supervisor at all times. These members are trained in specialized areas of call-taking, police dispatch, fire dispatch, and NCIC operations. We average over 80,000 Calls for Service (CFS’s) per year resulting in dispatching First Responders and we process more than 120,000 calls per year for the communities and agencies we serve.


Fire & Emergency Medical Services Dispatch

The UMRRDC 911 Dispatchers are responsible for the timely dispatching of all Fire and EMS calls for the 3000 square mile service area.

NCIC Operations

NCIC (National Crime Information Center) Operations is where officers request checks for warrants on persons and stolen property. Dispatchers are trained to read specialized computer returns to ensure thorough and correct information is relayed to the officer in the field.

Police Dispatch

The UMRRDC has multiple police radio channels. Each 911 Dispatcher is responsible for maintaining constant communications along with the location of each officer while they are performing law enforcement duties.


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Upper Missouri River Regional Dispatch Center

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